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To the Ladies Presidents of Clubs in Alberta:

Pinebrook Golf and Country Club has the rights to make and distribute Birdie and Eagle pins, which we sell at a nominal cost throughout the province of Alberta. Birdie pins are available in several colors, and are a nice recognition for those in your section who have earned them.

Pins may be ordered using the form below. Your order will be processed once Pinebrook receives your cheque (made payable to "Pinebrook Golf and Country Club"). Postage and handling charges are included in the quoted prices.

Please note that we only distribute Birdie and Eagle pins. 

We look forward to receiving your order until the end of your golfing season. If you have any questions regarding the pins, please send an email to the Club by clicking this link.

Using the form below, simply fill in the quantity of pins you would like in each color, indicate where you would like them shipped to, and then send your cheque payable to "Pinebrook Golf and Country Club" to 166 Pinebrook Way SW, Calgary, AB T3Z 3K3. You can also call us at 403-246-3311 (219) with a credit card or send us an E transfer. Please call us or email first to ensure we have the correct pins and we tell you the amount.

Please note "Pin Order" on your cheque


Birdie pins are $4.50 each and are available in the colors listed below. Eagle pins are only available in Gold and are $4.95 each. Note that GST of 5% will be added to all pin orders. 

Order Pins

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