Member Testimonials

  • What do our Members think about the Club? Here's what they're saying about their experiences at Pinebrook!

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    Michele Driscoll

    Pinebrook Member | 2018 Ladies Committee Chair

    "Pinebrook Pride is alive and well. As chair of the 2018 Ladies Member-Guest Tournament, I received many compliments (from members at other courses) on our golf course beauty and our great service. The damage caused by our past horrid winter has created focus on what may be wrong with our Club, but I was reminded of all the good things. We have wonderful people and beautiful surroundings. As Pinebrook Members, we have so much to be thankful for."

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    Bob Pratt

    Pinebrook Member | 1983 President

    "When we created Pinebrook Golf and Country Club in 1980, the concept of "fairness" appeared everywhere in our documents relating to rights and privileges. This foundation, on which our Club thrives, is reflected in our enduring "Access to Tee Times" policy. This policy which has been reviewed by nearly all of our 37 Boards of Directors. Many of our Members share with me a delight that access to tee times is not a popular issue at a Club that we own."

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    Peter & Fiona Keohane

    Pinebrook Members

    "We have been reflecting this off-season on our upcoming 20 years at Pinebrook. It has always been our "happy place" - always so well balanced between the formal and the informal; always so friendly, without being intrusive; and with staff who always seem to get it right; a clubhouse that is second to none for its uniqueness, amenities and spectacular views; grounds that are always so beautifully and well maintained; and a golf course that strikes the right balance between playability, fun and challenge. Every phase of the evolution of Pinebrook over our 20 years has always been so welcomed, and the initiative, commitment and execution of the board and committee members, management and staff that have made it all possible has always been so sincerely appreciated. With current plans and projects in place, underway or slated for the future, we look forward to 20 and more years of happy times at Pinebrook along with its wonderful membership and staff."

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    Jill Schofield

    Pinebrook Member | Past Director

    "Wonderful course, wonderful family of friends."

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    Tasso Chondronikolis & Family

    Pinebrook Members | Director

    "For our family, the Pinebrook experience has meant fun and friendship. It's a great place for our family to golf, share a meal and gather with friends. We've always felt welcome and continue to be impressed by the members, staff and volunteers who go above and beyond to host, coordinate and plan events. We can't think of a better place for our children to grow up."

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    Bob Myles

    Pinebrook Member | Director

    "The Pinebrook experience is quite easy to explain - it is the people who make Pinebrook what it is. For a new Member, it truly is amazing how welcomed I have felt in a new environment. It is easy to take this for granted, but having played at other clubs in our city and elsewhere, the Pinebrook experience is one that is easy to explain but must be experienced to be valued. The pride that Members take in their Club, both on the course and in the clubhouse, is second to none and one that is easily taken for granted. The Pinebrook Member does want a true golf experience, but more importantly wants all Members to enjoy their time at the Club."

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    Dave Benard

    Pinebrook Member

    "What an incredible start to the golf season! Thanks for everything the club and all the staff have done to get the course ready for play. My first impression as a brand new member...AWESOME!!"

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    Mark Kornak

    Pinebrook Member

    "A great golf club where you can enjoy golf, dinner and a great escape."

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    Jeannine Crossley

    Pinebrook Member | 2019 Ladies Committee Chair

    "Pinebrook restored 18 holes - contoured greens are a delight!"

  • Google Reviews:

    Christopher Brovald

    "Course is in great shape and the redesigned greens are amazing. One of the best courses in Calgary!"

    Kathy Trofin

    "Beautiful, challenging course. Wonderful food and friendly staff."

    Gibson Tilley

    "Terrific club course, known to be the friendliest private course in the region. Facilities, grounds and gardens are well maintained making any round of golf or meal in the restaurant a fine endeavor. Membership options are attractive, with equitable shares and open communication."

    Kevin Halliday

    "Renovations are started, this place will look amazing when golf starts, the staff are great to deal with and the team is excited for the new look, can't wait."

    Roger Pelletier

    "This private golf course is gorgeous. The fairways and green are in excellent condition. Very well-manicured grounds with great scenery. The food is excellent at reasonable prices. I definitely would return to play golf or just to take in the view and food."

    Cliff Wilson

    "Beautiful golf course."

    Alex Hagarty

    “Great golf course. Friendly staff, very pretty environment.”