We had such a great time last night!

Our recently renovated Point Lounge and Main Dining Room has never looked better than it did last night with all the beautiful art on display at our Emerging Artists Showcase! We had a fantastic turnout, and were so impressed with the talent of these local up and coming artists.

Liane Amendy

Liane is a German/Canadian artist. She obtained her MFA in Graphic Design (1978) from the University of Applied Science in Bielefeld/Germany. During her career she has worked for several advertising agencies, an international newspaper as a Creative Director, she has freelanced, and spent 5 years as a Graphic Design Instructor at the University of Calgary. Amendy has donated works to many charities in Alberta.

Liane's passion for live action painting made her one of 6 “Artists in Action” at the Calgary Stampede, making her a great candidate for art gallery openings or other events.

Through portrait painting Amendy aims to capture the soul of the person she paints, which also applies to the color choices she makes. After spending many years traveling through Europe, Amendy was struck by the vast, open, uninhabited space that is unique to Canada’s landscape. She travelled across Canada from coast to coast, taking photographs and finding inspiration from the places she went. Her artwork sold to collectors from Germany, England and Canada. 

The German Expressionist movement and the Impressionists from Europe as well as the Fauvists from France hugely influence Amendy’s painting practice. Utilizing a fast painting process she is interested in exploring light, and color through loose, short brush strokes to express fast movement in painting.

Michelle Austen

Michelle is a full-time Calgary artist. Born in Toronto, Ontario, she has called Calgary home since 1979. For over 30 years Michelle has attended numerous formal art classes, workshops and residencies in the pursuit of her highly successful career.
Michelle's focus is on creating artwork that reflects her inner self…an untiring passion to produce colorful and exciting expressions in oil, watercolor and acrylic that play on our emotions. Michelle is a fervent plein-air painter with a focus on Western Canadian landscape and floral subject matter.
Michelle’s art work has been featured in numerous private solo exhibitions, Ranchmen’s Club Annual Emerging Artist Event, Calgary Stampede Annual Western Showcase and Leighton Art Center. Recently, Michelle has been accepted into Calgary’s Masters Gallery. Her artwork is owned by several companies and private collectors. Her artistic inspiration and enthusiasm has also led to Michelle being invited by the Calgary School Board to participate in their Artist-in-Residence program to teach art to hundreds of elementary students each year. Additionally, dozens of Calgary youth and adults benefit each year from her private art instruction classes.

Tania Big Plume

My name is Tania Big Plume of the Cree, Tsuu T’ina, and Cayuga of the Turtle Clan. I have resided on a Native Reservation my whole life and that is where my art started. In 1976 I began by observing my grandmother’s beadwork; in 1984 I began my traditional training with my elders, my teachers. I’ve studied all the traditional techniques made available to me over the last 35 years and have incorporated those into my paintings. By entering a new medium with my bead/artwork I hope to further share my elder’s teachings with a much larger audience as well as inspire a new generation of artists to go beyond their artistic borders.

Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks’ work finds its foundation in an exploration of materials and process to create one of a kind landscape sculpture.
Brooks built his skills and understanding of contemporary art at the Ontario College of Art and Design graduating in 2004. He found work as a moldmakers assistant in an industrial setting before choosing to move west to Calgary. After an extended hiatus and growing a family he decided to reenter creative spheres.
Captivated by the rivers that carve their way through Alberta, he began experimenting with different resins for their ability to retain fluid features in a solid state. Sculptural in the way that handmade river elements are embedded, the works retain a distinct painterly quality with the tinted layers of resin designed to add movement and depth.

Thom Childrey

Capturing the precious moments in nature...
I love the fact that my mind compels my memories to flood forward when I’m in front of my paintings. Allowing me to relive that moment, almost like a time machine. Passion.
Another adventure begins. I was raised here in Alberta. Always looking at the world through an artist’s eye since I was a young lad. Drawing images in grade school allowed me to escape to a magic realm, one of colour and vibrant energy. I have not ever stopped since then. I had the great fortune of being mentored by many artists as well as attending the Alberta College of Art and Design. From there I traveled and mentored under a Woodsland Cree elder. This brought clarity to my story, my journey, my way of communicating my love for the outdoors.

I work mainly in oil, exploring landscape themes from my Southern Alberta surroundings and capturing those moments on canvas.

Ron Czemeres

Ron Czemeres is a retired petroleum engineer that has been dabbling in painting since Grade 2.  Since Ron’s retirement in 2010 he has been focusing on images that are iconic in the Calgary cityscape. The images are of recognizable buildings, signs and public art works. Ron is essentially a self-taught artist, although he has benefited greatly from demos and critiques at the Federation of Canadian Artists, Calgary Chapter and the Calgary Sketch Club, being members of both organizations. Ron works with light, colour and perspective as he believes that this is key to creating an interesting painting.

Brent Dawe

The infinite colors and textures created by the forces of nature are the underlying elements influencing Brent's current body of work.

He grew up in a coastal community on the East Coast of Newfoundland where he had the opportunity to experience the diverse beauty of the rugged and ever changing landscape. Memories and impressions from those times have found themselves interwoven throughout his work and have come to play an important role in his creative process.

His highly textured paintings are created using a combination of sand and acrylic medium.

Brent has lived on both the East and West Coast of Canada and currently calls Calgary home. He received his formal art education at the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Stephen Dozois

Born in Ontario in 1969, Stephen moved with his family to Vancouver in 1978, then onto Calgary in 1984 where he now resides. Stephen was educated at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary and has worked as a professional artist since 1994 as a painter, muralist, and fine art instructor. His art draws on both contemporary and traditional styles, with a special focus on western Canadian themes. 

Part of Stephen’s growth as an artist has come from his travels throughout Canada, the US and Europe. Having resided in various regions of Canada, he is inspired by diverse landscapes, including the western prairies, grasslands and foothills, Canadian Rockies, Pacific Coast, and rugged terrain of Eastern Canada. Stephen has been influenced by many Canadian Artists and has an appreciation of the works of the Group of Seven.

Stephen has had opportunities to work and show in a variety of locations, including Charleston South Carolina and the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase. His original concept development and unique designs for his fine art and murals can be seen in various businesses, private homes and public spaces.  Currently Stephen is showing his work at several local shows, Calyx, Handmade Here, Calgary Stampede Western Showcase, C-Space King Edward, Artmatch, and Wildflower Artist Salon.

Stephen enjoys working primarily in oils, but also works in other mediums, including acrylics and watercolors. In addition to landscape, portraitures and other subject matter of interest to clientele are always considered. Stephen will create custom pieces to client specifications and satisfaction.  

Stephen has also been teaching art in a variety of mediums for over 20 years. He is involved with and teaches at several local art clubs, summer programs at Mount Royal University, Wildflower & North Mount Pleasant Arts Centers, and privately in his home studio. He has also had the pleasure of participating in several ‘Artist in Residence’ at many Calgary Board of Education public schools, community improvement mural projects for the City of Calgary and private clientele.

John Gerrard

My work is meant to evoke an energy and illusion of movement: To be busy but balanced. Sometimes the drawings are maps, maybe variations of a person. Sometimes I am creating a scene. There is something fundamentally human about making art, and the mystery of it all keeps me coming back to explore it again and again. Making images in this way creates a closeness to an instinctual region in the brain that I am fostering and developing.
I am particularly interested in the work being metaphorical with respect to the mind. I imagine the mind as a system or grouping - an externalizer of essence. It can manifest in different ways, making things coherent with the conjuring of consciousness. The crowd series in particular, is a celebration of the community of self, and the spirit of interconnection. From far away there is an abstract shape, that can function much like a cloud does. Up close they are personified marks - quick gestures that are each unique, but point to some sort of whole.

Heather Hardie

Heather is an Alberta artist working predominantly as an oil painter. Inspiration has been provided by the beauty of the prairie landscape, the mountains, and the forests of western Canada. Life experiences, from living in a rustic log cabin in northern BC to equestrian riding in Alberta and hiking the mountains, and traveling the world, have greatly influenced artistic endeavours.

Heather was taught the fundamentals by Calgary artist, Betty Macdonald, and attended many painting workshops with great American painter, Joe Abbresscia. Artistic influences are varied and include the early twentieth century illustrators, American painters Richard Diebenkorn and Wolf Kahn, and Canadians Tom Thomson and JEH Macdonald.

Terri Heinrichs

Terri Heinrichs is a Canadian artist, based in Calgary, Alberta.

Colour and texture take a starring role in Terri’s Vivid Impressions paintings, both in the subject, and in the surrounding negative space. Inspired by landscapes and nature, her paintings exhibit firm brush strokes and vivid colour, abstracting reality. The thick oil paint creates lush texture, adding dimension to each painting.

Terri has been painting and selling her work since 2001. Her artwork can be found in private collections across Canada and the US, with a few pieces finding their way even farther around the world.

Kelly Isaak

Kelly Isaak is a Calgary-born artist whose work deals with her fascination with the human figure. She splits her focus between the study of the form and on portraiture. Isaak finds the subtle variations in people’s faces and bodies fascinating and enjoys representing her subject’s character through those shapes and shadows.
In Isaak’s Monochrome portrait series, she is presenting her subjects through colours that she feels reflect the personality of the sitter in that moment. While the viewer studies the portraits, the sitter stares unflinchingly back. Through her discussions with her subjects and in the rendering of their faces, Kelly gains more of an understanding of that person; more of a connection. One that she aims to represent in the final image on the paper.
Isaak is a resident of the nvrlnd studios in Ramsey, Calgary and is an art-educator with the Calgary Board of Education.

Heather Kinahan

Born and raised in Alberta, Heather has been blessed with endless inspiration to create as an acrylic artist. Her motivation to begin painting came from her love of learning. Every painting provides a learning experience, comes with its own story, and is an expression of her creative self.

Heather believes we need to seize the opportunities life affords us; to continually learn and create beyond the edges of our own limits. Stop, pause, and reflect on nature’s beauty and embrace new experiences. She is grateful to share herself and her vision of the world through the art she creates.

Linnea Martina

Linnea is a graduate from the Alberta College of Art & Design with a BFA majoring in Jewellery & Metalsmithing. She is a Canadian Visual Artist, who is at this time painting and using Alberta’s vast mountains and never ending prairie to give her inspiration;

“Love for the unspoken words of nature.”

Linnea's work is in the form of contemporary abstract landscapes and snapshots of details of nature. You can see her work in a variety of different mediums: Watercolour, Acrylic and the ancient and re-emerging medium of encaustic. Encaustic and Watercolour being her primary mediums she works in. She uses the attributes of Encaustic to add complexity within the surface of her paintings to create an illusion of movement, stirring a memory or an emotion for the viewer. Carefully building layers of depth with transitions of slight subtleties, her work changing each time you study it. Natures unseen vibrations and energy. Linnea doesn’t necessarily always ponder what is happening above ground but below, seismic happenings! Reflecting on space, time, relationships, interactions between people and energy. Her intention, to spark personal recollections in the viewer from an unconventional perspective, carefully building layers leaving a translucent history, using depth colour, luminescence, sculptural textures and surface transitions, transitions of slight sodalities. This work will change every time you study it.

“The dance with the paint | molten wax back and forth embarks me
on a journey to the mystery of the 'not knowing.”
Linnea Martina

Today you'll find Linnea in her studio painting plus teaching Youth Art Classes in the Rockyview district to her young super-fly kids and the youth of Langdon and surrounding areas. Linnea's work can be seen at Galleries within Alberta and a constant showing at juried art Show & Sales.

Linnea's paintings are collected in Calgary, Vancouver, Holland and as far as Dubai.

Dana Prediger

Dana’s philosophy and hopeful superpower? . . . to interpret human and environmental red flags and take action to soothe and fix them.
Dana Prediger is a lens based artist and proprietor of Dana Prediger Photographs. She happily works in digital and film media. Her photography has published in Alberta Views, Seities and Avenue magazines and has exhibited at VivianeArt and Herringer Kiss Galleries.
Creation of her photos is triggered by her hopeful superpower and expresses themes ranging from affects of relentless urban sprawl to familial footprints of cancer and dementia.
Developing her garden into an apian and bird “airport landing strip” fuels Dana’s creative flow!

Terra Simieritsch

Terra is a Calgary-based artist with a seasonal approach. In the summer she can be found adventuring in the outdoors with her family and a backpack full of sketchbooks, pens and watercolours. These sketches become a treasury of the beautiful memories of time spent canoeing, hiking and camping across Western Canada and the USA.
In the colder months, Terra spends time in the studio creating eclectic mixed media pieces on board which build upon the fine art skills and more abstract components she has gained by attending classes and various types of workshops. She also teaches mixed media classes to kids and adults alike.
Her inspiration comes from time spent in the natural world and her work can be found in collections across North America and Europe.

BJ Sosa

BJ Sosa is a Canadian-born artist who is greatly inspired by the amazing landscape, people, history and culture of Canada. Born in Calgary, Alberta, he has always felt a unique connection living between the Rocky Mountains and the wide open prairie skies.
As a self-taught abstract and landscape artist, BJ has been drawn to the arts from a young age, and has used art as an outlet for his creative energy and imagination. BJ creates his pieces with acrylic and ink on canvas, while intuitively tapping into surrounding energy for inspiration. Thank you for your support.

Brittany Tough

Brittney Tough, CSPWC, is an international award winning artist who has exhibited work across Canada and the US. Her work was published in Southwest Art Magazine’s feature article 21 Under 31, and the Splash hardcover series of the best in contemporary watercolour. Brittney has exhibited in a variety of international juried exhibitions from CSPWC, Society of Canadian Artists and Federation of Canadian Artists, and has received numerous awards in these competitions. Brittney has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from Alberta College of Art and Design and continues to develop her painting practice in Calgary.

Grant Waddell

Grant began his artistic career at a very early age. Whether it was mud, finger paints, crayons, or toothpicks, popsicles sticks and glue, Grant would create almost every day. Ever since he could remember, he had a mind that is needed to create. To build things, compose and develop ideas. 

He graduated from ACAD in 1988 and moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in commercial advertising specializing in digital illustration. Grant returned to Calgary to be with family and he continued in the world of advertising until 2012 when he decided to stoke the fires of his creative roots and begin to develop and share his love of fine art.

It was at this time that he picked up, at his wife's insistence, all the oil painting supplies to rekindle a passion he had put on hold for 28 years. That's all history now as he paints en plein air with a group of friends as well as working feverishly in his home studio.

Kerry Warner

Kerry Warner grew up in various small towns in British Columbia and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. Kerry earned her BFA in 2005 and her BEd in 2007, she has been working as an artist and teacher since graduating.

Over the years Warner has shown in Western Canada and the United States. Her work has been purchased for collections throughout Canada, the United States, and Asia and selected for various publications.

Warner defines herself as a process artist; whether she is working on abstract oil paintings, metal works, or portraits; this allows the essence of each piece to rely solely on the process, techniques, and colours used.

Warner describes her paintings as an ever-deepening response to the history she has established with the media; it is a deconstruction of painting as a language resulting in substance and history in each piece that is reliant on the formal characteristics of the media and process.

Warner has since expanded her portfolio and has been experimenting with metal as a basis for her pieces. Using various patinas to create chemical reactions bringing to life a magnified depth to the metals she is working with. They are a balance between art and science that has
become a new and exciting avenue of exploration. Many pieces being copper, she has also begun working with stainless steel and bronze to continue to create unique and expanding colour pallets applying several different techniques within each piece.

Jennifer Weihmann

Jennifer Weihmann is an artist, largely self-taught as a photographer. Originating in the rural setting of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Jennifer started her studio experience before formally entering the Faculty of Fine Arts at Grande Prairie Regional College. Furthering her education in Communications, Visual Studies and Art History, Jennifer completed her studies at the Department of Communication, Media and Film, University of Calgary.

Jennifer is best known as an abstract landscape photographer, intimately immersing herself amongst the forest flora focusing on minimizing context and often leaving scale open for interpretation. Jennifer also collects organic objects from the natural environments she visits and uses these artifacts as the subject matter for many of her photographs.

Jennifer also has a body of work documenting the lives of people. She photographed a group of adults, with whom she embedded herself, living on the streets of Houston Texas, and in Calgary Alberta, in 2005